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Religion and Politics

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Post about Religion and Politics

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"Let’s say in 25 years, marijuana is fully legalized throughout the world (a bit optimistic but go with it). Now that the majority of the world tokes up everyday, billions and billions of people, would we start to see the endangering of rarer weed species?
I’m worried that if this were to happen, it would cause the emergence of endangered weed poachers. Primitive mercenaries who would originally have hunted down the majestic White Rhinoceros, but now instead focus on acquiring the illusive and coveted White Widow?
In order to stop these weed poachers of the future, we must band together and in every city begin the construction Weed Zoos. These zoos will all contain the dankest of strains, along with comfy couches and munchies for all.
Think of the children, and the White Widow.” - Stoned out of his Mind
— Arnie_Max /r/trees
Text 31 May MX Cherry Red

Before I go to sleep I would like everyone to know that typing on a mechanical keyboard is quite possibly the best feeling in the world for the everyday typist. It feels amazing. I just want to keep typing forever and ever on this keyboard and cannot stop. That is why I am typing this tumblr post. Just bought and it arrived today this Corsair K70 Mechanical keyboard with MX Cherry Red Actuation Switches… It makes life so easy it has the perfect angle for typing and the keys are the perfect level off of the board. Not to mention the contstruction quality is superb. I would recommend it to anyone who has the money to invest into it. I can see this keyboard lasting me many years to come. Definitely helps when for coding in the dark. My Razer Lycosa was too dim for me, this Corsair makes spotting keys mad easy. Props. In the day that I have been using this keyboard I would rate it a 9.5/10 just for the mere fact that nothing is perfect except for me (10/10). Jk I just wanted to keep typing. Now I am done. SHEETS. So dead tired. Eyes are bloodshot. Deuces Tumblr.

Photo 17 May 2 notes RA Life! $60 worth of food! #chipotle #jasonsDeli #noodles #potbelly #bagelPlace #jimmyjohns

RA Life! $60 worth of food! #chipotle #jasonsDeli #noodles #potbelly #bagelPlace #jimmyjohns

Photo 13 May 607,883 notes internalodyssey:


False. As a psych major. All of these can be tested by a likert scale.



False. As a psych major. All of these can be tested by a likert scale.

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Photo 9 May 4 notes Yes. I can’t! too funny.

Yes. I can’t! too funny.

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I’m done. I’m fucking done. This game is awesome, I can’t stop laughing. Omfg.

Text 9 May 3 notes FUCK: Failing to Understand our Capacity for Kindness

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